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Space Scale variant for Exploration space vehicles                                      

Kazuhito Shimada 

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.1, pp.1-6, 2017.

Abstract: Measuring mass in weightlessness in space cannot be achieved by a balance or a bathroom scale with load cells. Up to now, astronaut body mass onboard spacecraft, including the International Space Station (ISS) is measured with spring-mass Body Mass Measurement Device (BMMD)fs. As those BMMDfs need a large and sturdy frame to stabilize subject body, they are large and heavy. The author group proposed a new smaller device gSpace Scaleh with laser interferometry acceleration measurement and an inline force sensor with a bungee cord. This paper first reviews the advantage of ISS Space Scale that is oriented for better uncertainties and ease of operation, then evaluate its applicability to smaller spacecraft that are to be used missions further than the low-earth orbit, like cis-lunar orbit, or lunar/asteroid/Mars orbit. Those spacecraft cabin flying these trajectories are in microgravity environment.

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Precision Measurement of Drag Force Acting on a Spherical Body Dropping in the Air                                     

Eko Satria, Mitra Djamal, Hendro, Akihiro Takita, Yusaku Fujii 

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.1, pp.7-15, 2017.

Abstract: This study proposes a method for measuring the drag force acting on a spherical body dropping in the air. A cube corner is attached to a spherical body. The velocity is accurately measured using an optical interferometer as the calculation of the Doppler shift frequency. The Doppler shift frequency is the difference between the beat frequency and rest frequency. The beat frequency is the frequency difference between the signal beam and the reference beam. The rest frequency is the difference of the two frequency of the laser. Then displacement, acceleration, force, mechanical energy, energy lost and the drag force acting on the spherical body can be calculated from information about velocity obtained.

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Travel Demand Management Implementation in Bandar Lampung

Rahayu Sulistyorini

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.1, pp.16-22, 2017.

Abstract: The high traffic growth of motorcycle (24% per year) and private vehicle (20% per year) in Bandar Lampung is one of main factors as negative impact of congestion. In previous study, the financial losses in Bandar Lampung in term of fuel consumption, time value and pollution costs is Rp 2 Trillion per year. Finding a solution to traffic congestion could mean prevent big amount of wasted funding. Finally, this paper reviews the range and the scope of possible policy measures aimed at travel demand management to reduce negative impact of traffic congestion. Geometric or physical improvement to roads and intersections has been the traditional response to congestion and only reduce 0.08 degree of saturation flow. Separated motorcycles lanes is one of important strategy for alleviating congestion and reduce 0.3 degree of saturation flow. Further, the addition of new capacity presents an excellent opportunity to combine it with other types of travel demand strategies.

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Transport Strategic Appraisal: A Comprehensive Decision Making Approach to Collaborate Participatory and Technocratic Processes in Strategic Planning Level for Determining Priority of Mass Transport Development Policy

Ofyar Z. Tamin and Rudi Sugiono Suyono

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.1, pp.23-32, 2017.

Abstract: Development of mass transportation policy in a metropolitan area has a fairly extensive complexity (multi-aspect and multi-dimensional), hence, it is within the scope of strategic planning. Thus, to assess, evaluate a mass transport policy should also be placed on a strategic level. The problems are, devices and system that can be used for this study is still very limited, especially in countries - developing countries. The number of parties (actors), interest (criteria) and different levels of authority requires a good system, and be able to elaborate on the multi-dimensional condition. This study took Jakarta Metropolitan Area as a study case; a large agglomeration area consisting of the main cities, namely Jakarta with some buffer cities such as Bogor, Tangerang, Depok and Bekasi. In this research, a participatory approach developed by combining Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis (MAMCA) which has been well developed with fuzzy approach. While the technocratic approach through the analysis procedure expert judgment using the Modification of Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix and analysis of the characteristics of mass transportation on any policy alternatives. This research successfully developed a transport strategic appraisal decision making system that can use to determining the selection of policy priorities in the development of mass transport in an agglomeration metropolitan area especially in developing country.

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Land Use, Service Interchange Spacing and Performance of Toll Roads: A Model and Case Study on Jakarta to Cikampek Toll Road, Indonesia

Hari Suko Setiono, Ofyar Z. Tamin and Najid

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.1, pp.33-41, 2017.

Abstract: The paper studies the relationship between land use, service interchange spacing and toll road performance. An on/off ramp traffic flow and land use relationship model was developed. For the case study, data on land use development surrounding the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road was collected, and traffic surveys were conducted at 9 on/off ramps and in the main road between the service interchanges.  The main road traffic flow parameter relationships such as speed and density, speed and flow, flow and density relations were modeled. An overall model relating toll road performance to service interchange spacing was then established. Using SPSS software, a multiple linear regression was run to determine the relationship among those parameters. A nomogram was made to find the optimum spacing between interchanges, taking account of toll road user interests and operator/developer interests.

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Determination of Sustainability Criteria in Strategic Appraisal of Mass Transit Development Policy Evaluation in the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Area

Ofyar Z. Tamin and Rudi Sugiono Suyono

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.1, pp.42-48, 2017.

Abstract: Criteria is something that we use to assess in evaluating progress toward goals and objectives. Those criteria have many uses: they can help identify trends, predict problems, assessing options, setting performance targets, and evaluate the jurisdiction or organization. Mass transport infrastructure development in developing countries is not easy. Its impact is not limited to this time but is long-term. Besides that, the organizing and operating of mass transportation engage many stakeholders with different interests which sometimes even contradict each other. With these consequences, it is necessary to consider a variety components, actors and stakeholders that involved in the implementation and operation of mass transit itself in a comprehensive assessment tools. The determination of the criteria is very important and crucial. It is important to carefully select criteria that reflect the overall goal. It is also important to be realistic when choosing criteria, data availability, ease to be understood and its use in decision making. This study has developed sustainability criteria by a method of election and appointment criteria based on sustainable transportation for strategic appraisal of mass transportation in the metropolitan areas of developing countries. This study has used Superimpose and Survey Interview/Questionnaire Methods. This method is used because can determine suitability of inter-related criteria required in the implementation of good mass transportation system. Furthermore, with the appropriate procedure, an assessment of each criteria - the criteria by each - each stakeholder through survey interviews/questionnaires. There are 4 (four) issues on which to base that issues related principles of sustainable development, issue of the root causes of mass transportation in developing countries, problems of public transport system in developing countries which are unique and different from those in developed countries, then issues related to the consideration of multi interests of actors involved, and last but not least, issues that considerations of global development strategic objectives in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).This research has successfully mapped the sustainability goals that the main criterion of the strategic appraisal of mass transit on economic, social, environmental and the technical/operational parameter. Every stakeholder has different sub criteria that derived from the man criteria that have been mapped.  These results are then tested through survey interviews to stakeholders and tested validation.

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The Development of Walking Environment Measures for Indonesia Cities

Sony Sulaksono Wibowo

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.1, pp.49-54, 2017.

Abstract: Walking is one of key points in assessing the quality of urban transport, as well as the quality of public transport services, accessibility, and land use connectivity. Currently, cities in Indonesia have not been entirely friendly to pedestrians. Beside the lack of walking infrastructure quality, there is a high reluctance of people to walk. Therefore, Indonesia cities might need good quality of walking environment to push more walking trip. Walking environment is a condition that includes pedestrian infrastructure that supported by the other facilities to encourage people to walk more often. This paper describes the development of walking environment measures for Indonesia cities. Previous related research has been carried out and to be continued as the standard and design guide of pedestrian-friendly environment for Indonesia cities.

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The Development of scientific learning material with 3-D

Takashi Yokote, Akihiro Takita, Hadi Nasbey, Agus Setyobudi, Yoichi Sugita, Sachiko Hashimoto, Masayuki Yokota, Tomohiro Hirose, Toshihiro Nakamura and Yusaku Fujii

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.1, pp.55-60, 2017.

Abstract: Scientific learning material for teaching the principle of stereopsis to children is developed. Two wireless CCD cameras are equipped on the radio-controlled model car. Two images are taken by using these cameras. One is converted into red and the other is converted into cyan. These images are superimposed in real time by using the development program. This superimposed image can be viewed stereoscopically by wearing glassed composed of red and cyan film. In this learning material, children experience stereopsis by controlling the radio-controlled model car.

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Correctness Proof of Min-plus Algebra for Network Shortest-Paths Simultaneous Calculation

Hitapriya Suprayitno

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.1, pp.61-69, 2017.

Abstract: Urban mass transit network need to be planned and evaluated. gNetwork qualityh is one of the main mass transit qualities, in addition to operational quality. Connectivity and accessibility qualities are two important aspects of a gnetwork qualityh. This kind of analysis requires the whole point-to-point shortest-path data. A special matrix method has ever been developed for the simultaneous calculation of all the shortest-paths, for which a mathematical proof must be developed. To be mathematically correct, the calculation method must satisfy the following algorithm requirements : all itinerary combinations must be evaluated, each minimum result must be recorded, an appropriate fathoming procedure must exist, and the absolute minimum value must be produced automatically at the end of the calculation. The study proved that the min-plus algebra is capable of ensuring those procedures and always providing the correct answer. Thus, the min-plus algebra is considered as mathematically correct for network shortest-path simultaneous calculation.

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Relations of 0 and ‡

Hiroshi Okumura, Saburou Saitoh and Tsutomu Matsuura

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.1, pp.70-77, 2017.

Abstract: In this paper, as the representation of the point at infinity of the Riemann sphere by the zero z = 0, we will show some delicate relations between 0 and ‡ which show a strong discontinuity at the point of infinity on the Riemann sphere.

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