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Force of optical tweezers by micro ring resonator system                                     

N. Pornsuwancharoen

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.1-9, 2017.

Abstract: This research aimed to design optical tweezers for nanometer scale and find the force of optical tweezers. The principle of absorption and reflection of light passing through the optical theory of four-wave mixing (FWM) caused a phenomenal optical nonlinearity. The parameter can be variable the coupling coefficient (k) of the cavity resonance light from 0.2 - 0.8 and the size of the radius (r) are between 10 - 150 microns. The wavelength is 1,550 micrometers and the resulting consist of two forces are the gradient force equal to 2.00 x 10-18 Newton and scattering force equal to 5.44 x 10-30 Newton, in this case with particles are between 10 - 20 microns into the pure water. This system, optical devices microring resonator can be the application to optical medical and the quantum computer device in the near future.

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Special Conventional Transport Model for a New BRT Line Passenger Demand Prediction(The General Modeling Method)

Hitapriya Suprayitno, Verdy Ananda UPA

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.10-18, 2017.

Abstract: Indonesia is a developing country with limited government budget. Hence, the BRT is one of the most appropriate first mass transit to be developed in Indonesian big cities. Therefore, the New BRT Line Passenger Demand Prediction Method need to be developed. The research were conducted in Makassar City, having 3 BRT corridors in operation. The BRT survey indicated that the BRT Users are the previous Public Transport User (76%) and Motorcycle User (24%). Therefore, a Special Conventional Transport Modelling is considered the most appropriate to make a New BRT Line Passenger Demand Prediction. This modeling method incorporates Special Steps Sequence, Limited Modelling Area, Restricted Trip Generation, Modal Split Coefficient Matrix and Trip Assignment Matrix Technic. The modelling primary and secondary data collection indicate that this Special Conventional Transport Modelling is the most appropriate, regarding its Potential Users variety. This can be considered as a proof that this Special Conventional Transport Modelling is the most appropriate for this purpose.

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The Willingness to Walk of Urban Transportation Passengers  (A Case Study of Urban Transportation Passengers in Yogyakarta Indonesia)

Imam Basuki

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.19-26, 2017.

Abstract: A measure of the quality of urban transport services is divided into two main categories, namely: quantitative and qualitative measures. Quantitative aspects can be measured from services judged by numbers. On the other hand, qualitative aspect is the assessment of the aspects of services that cannot be expressed in figures of the size value. This paper discusses one of several ways to determine a benchmark assessment scale quantitatively of the willingness of passengers of the urban transportation in the city of Yogyakarta Indonesia using a questionnaire based on the values of an existing benchmark. The study shows that the results of quantitative performance rating scale for urban transportation can be the benchmark to assess the condition of the urban transportation in other cities along with the scale and the conditions which are considered similar.

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Evaluation of Online Motorcycle Taxi Performance in Surabaya and Sidoarjo Area, Indonesia

Wicaksono Achmad, Harnen Sulistio, Alan Wahyudi Wardani and Dwa Aulia Bramiana

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.27-32, 2017.

Abstract: Surabaya is the second biggest city in Indonesia, and Sidoarjo is a regency close to Surabaya, where many people live in but they work in Surabaya. More and more citizen of Surabaya and Sidoarjo use motorcycle taxi, either conventional service or online service so call as gojekh, operated by the company called as GO-JEK. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the performance of GO-JEK in Surabaya and Sidoarjo based on user point-of-view and to observe what factors that influence the users in selecting either conventional or on-line ojek. The methods used are the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) and the Stated Preference Technique. The IPA shows that there are 3 factors that have to be improved: firstly, driving manner, secondly, attention to maximum capacity and thirdly, helmet for the passenger. The Stated Preference Analysis shows that there are two major factors affecting the choice whether GO-JEK or conventional ojek, these are trip cost and waiting time to pick up by the ojek.

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Determining an Acceptability of Pedestrian Facilities to Support the Mass Transport System in Jakarta

Tri Tjahjono, Adrian Salman al Farizi, Dhini Paramitha Intan

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.33-40, 2017.

Abstract: In addition to reliability and performance, convenience and aesthetics of the shelters/stations and pedestrian pathway for the last mile journey are the other factors that affected the interest of using public transportation. The purpose of this study is to review the general perception of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) gTrans Jakartah users in Jakarta on the aspects related to amenities and facilities for the last mile journey. The objectives of the study will have two folds: First, to determine the acceptable distance of walking and preferable condition for pedestrian pathway based on the opinion questionnaire survey, and; secondly, to understand factors determining comfort facilities in the area of BRTfs shelter based on the approach of Theory Planned Behavior (TPB). Results showed that BRT users are willing to walk between 225 meters and 775 meters and prefer the pathway that is covered by shady trees or canopy structure. Related to BRT shelters majority of users considered the facilities of BRT shelter are less comfortable and did not have a good aesthetic. Moreover, continuing from the platform to pedestrian sideway is affecting the usersf from choosing BRT.

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Modifications of Hepatic Microvasculature in Early Period of Diabetic Rats

Sani Baimai, Passara Lanlua, Apichaya Niyomchan, and Sirinush Sricharoenvej

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.41-46, 2017.

Abstract: The liver is a central organ in control of glucose homeostasis. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disorder of blood sugar metabolism. The association between two issues is well known at present. This study was investigated the effects of diabetes induced by streptozotocin (STZ) on the liver tissues and microvasculature of male Sprague-Dawley rat by using histological study and scanning electron microscopic study of vascular corrosion cast. Diabetes was induced by a single dose intraperitoneal injection of STZ 60 mg/kg, whereas the control group was injected with the citrate buffer. Four weeks after induction, the livers were excised and processed for histological and vascular corrosion cast studies. Markedly appearances of large portal triads, hypertrophy of hepatocyte, perisinusoidal fibrosis, and decrease in sinusoidal diameter were revealed. The alterations of hepatocytes and their vessels were exhibited in the early diabetes.

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The Characterization ZnO-Na2O-P2O5 Glass System for Dental Restorative Materials

Agus Setyo Budi, Andreas Handjoko Permana, Hadi Nasbey and Yusaku Fujii

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.47-55, 2017.

Abstract: Zinc sodium phosphate glass system with different concentration of zinc and chromium oxide doped have been synthesized using melt quenching technique. These glass system was characterized using X-ray diffraction, Archimedes methods, and UV-Vis spectrofotometer. X-ray diffraction found that these glass system was amorphous structure. Optical absorption was measured at a wavelength of 200-800 nm indicates the absence of a sharp absorption beam. From the results of the optical absorption spectra shows that the value of the gap energy decreases while the urbach energy and refractive index of the glass increases with increasing %mole of ZnO. For preminarily research of dental restorative materials, our system also was doped by Cr2O3 and obtain that Cr2O3 presence make the range value was smaller for density and molar volume.

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Long-Term Effects of Diabetes Mellitus on Skin Melanocytes in Rats                                     

Tachpon Techarang, Sirinush Sricharoenvej, Passara Lanlua, Apichaya Niyomchan, Amornrat Chookliang, Kanokporn Plaengrit, and Sani Baimai 

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.56-61, 2017.

Abstract: The key component of the skin pigmentation is melanocytes due to ability in melanin production. Pigmentation disorders are more common in the diabetes mellitus (DM), especially hyperpigmentation. It is caused by an increased number or activity of the melanocytes. The present study aimed to investigate the effects of long-term DM, chemically induced by streptozotocin (STZ), on the pathological changes of melanocytes in the rat skin. Seven adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into two groups: non-diabetic control and STZ-induced diabetic groups. In the diabetic rats, an increased amount of melanocytes at the dermoepidermal junction with increased melanin granules in the basal layer of keratinocytes were demonstrated. Moreover, the diabetic melanocytes became hypertrophy and presence of large clear area in their cytoplasm around the nucleus. It was suggested that diabetes caused hyperpigmentation. Its potential mechanism will be investigated in the future research.

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Early Effects of Streptozotocin Diabetes onCapillaries in Spinal Cord

Kanokporn Plaengrit, Sirinush Sricharoenvej, Passara Lanlua, Apichaya Niyomchan, and Amornrat Chookliang

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.62-68, 2017.

Abstract: Diabetic microangiopathy is a well-known cause of neuronal complications mainly in peripheral nerves and brain. Additionally, it also strongly associates with the development of spinal infarction followed by the physical disability to seriously affected the quality of life in diabetic patients. However, only few study is known about the alterations of the spinal capillary in diabetes. Therefore, this study aimed to illustrate morphological changes of spinal capillaries in the early stage of streptozotocin (STZ)- induced diabetic rat compared with control. In diabetes, the endothelial cell and pericyte became hypertrophy. Under the ultrastructural level, the endothelial cell contained a vast number of ribosomes and vesicles, enlarged mitochondria, and disrupted tight junction, while the vascular pericyte had numerous free ribosomes and a pair of centrioles. Furthermore, basement membrane thickening was detected. This basic knowledge will be beneficial for raised awareness and receiving in early diagnosis of the spinal vascular disorder in diabetic patients.

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Acute and Chronic Effects of Diabetes Mellitus on Telogen Hair Bulge

Jittiporn Wongpun, Apichaya Niyomchan, Passara Lanlua, Kanokporn Plaengrit, Sani Baimai, and Sirinush Sricharoenvej

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.69-74, 2017.

Abstract: The hair follicle bulge contains the progenitor cells, that differentiate into all skin epithelial linages. The bulge area can be clearly identified in the telogen as the epithelial sac surrounding the hair club. Diabetes mellitus directly causes prematurely stop hair growth in telogen phase, called telogen effluvium. Taken together, this study aimed to examine the duration of streptozotocin induced diabetes affects the histological aspect of telogen bulge components in back skin of rats. In both 4-week acute and 24-week chronic diabetes, increased dark nuclei of bulge cells and hair follicle stem cells in the bulge were exhibited with decreased both numbers in the chronic stage. Dermal sheath cells surrounding the bulge enlarged in both diabetic durations. It was suggested that diabetes accelerated the precursors for neogenic hair follicle defects, that is a common causes of hair loss.

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Vibro-acoustic FEA for an Effect of a Sail in Automotive Seat Structures Including Poroelastic Materials and Metal Frames

Takao Yamaguchi, Toru Fukushima, Takashi Yamamoto, Masashi Fujimoto, and Ikuo Shirota

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.75-82, 2017.

Abstract: This report deals with vibro-acoustic analysis using three-dimensional FEM for automotive seat structures having poroelastic materials and metal frames. There are two media (i.e. internal air and a resin block) in the poroelastic materials for the seat. By carrying out numerical analysis related to the model test, the poroelastic materials for the automotive seat had sound absorption effects for cavity resonance in a room. Further the poroelastic materials also had damping effects for the structural resonance of the metal seat frame under impact excitation at the metal frame. Furthermore, under an acoustic excitation, vibration amplitudes of the metal frame increase by attaching the poroelastic materials to the metal frame. It is g an effect of a sailff of the resin block in the poroelastic material, which increases vibration level of the seat metal frame by receiving sound pressure. This effect can be simulated using Biot model for the poroelastic materials.

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Study on Mouth Gymnastics for Orbicularis Oris Muscle

Akira Suzuki, Nobuaki Nakazawa , Yuuki Tanaka, Yusaku Fujii, Takao Yamaguchi, and Toshikazu Matsui

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.83-86, 2017.

Abstract: There is a tendency that the elderly persons decline in feeding and swallowing. It is known that the oral training such as a facial exercise has an effect to facilitate a saliva secretion which is useful for the smoothness swallowing motion. This paper investigated the effective mouth gymnastics in the oral training practices, based on the biological signal of the electromyography (EMG). Here, we focused on the zygomaticus major and minor muscles, and orbicularis oris muscle for an evaluation. The obtained datum of EMG were analyzed by the amplitude probability distribution function (APDF) method to evaluate the effective gymnastics. As a result, it could be confirmed that the motion of puffing the cheeks and the vertical movement of the mouth corner had an effect to enhance the activity of the mouth muscles.

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Impact Responses by FEM for a Living Finger Protected by Shock Absorbers Using Nonlinear Complex Springs Connected in Series

Toru Fukushima, Takao Yamaguchi, Yusaku Fujii, Shinichi Maruyama, Akihiro Takita, and Hisanori Tomita

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.87-95, 2017.

Abstract: This paper deals with dynamic responses of a finger protected by viscoelastic absorbers under impact forces. Restoring forces of a finger and absorbers are measured using Levitation Mass Method proposed by Fujii. In this paper, we carry out numerical analysis of dynamic responses for the finger protected by the absorbers under same conditions with the experiment using LMM. The absorbers and the finger are modeled by nonlinear concentrated springs using power series of their elongations. We propose that the springs have nonlinear complex spring constants to represent changes of the hysteresis as their elongations progress. A finite element for the nonlinear complex spring is newly expressed using the relative displacement between the nodes on the ends of the spring. The nonlinear complex spring for the finger is inserted between the nonlinear complex springs for the two absorbers. These nonlinear complex springs are connected in series. Further, these nonlinear complex springs are attached to the levitated block, which is modeled by three-dimensional finite elements. By colliding the block with the finger inserted between absorbers, transient responses of this system are computed. The experimental data are compared with the calculated ones using our proposed FEM.

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Recognition of Nostril Position Based on Skin Color Distribution

Bo Peng, Motohiro Kano, Nobuaki Nakazawa, Feng Wang, Yusaku Fujii, Takao Yamaguchi, and Toshikazu Matsui

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.96-100, 2017.

Abstract: This paper proposed a new detection method for a face features point, based on the skin color distribution ratio. Here we selected the nostril part as a feature point due to the fact that its shape is stable compared with other parts. Humanfs face was observed by the camera in real time and the skin color was utilized to detect the face domain. After the binalization image obtained from the camera was changed to a connection ingredient by processing labeling. In order to detect the nostril position, we focused on the skin color distribution ratio, whose value around the nostril was lower than any other facial parts. The proposed system narrowed down the candidate of the nostril as a facial feature point by checking the skin color distribution ratio, the aspect ratio between the width and the height of the connection ingredient.

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Two approaches for reducing computation time of Component Mode Synthesis for Prediction of Vibration in Buildings

Kenichi Takebayashi, Aya Tanaka, and Kei Andow

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.101-108, 2017.

Abstract: The component mode synthesis method has been progressively developed since 1970 to obtain dynamic characteristics of large-scale structures, such as machines and vehicles. This method determines the dynamic characteristics of a structure by synthesizing the vibration modes in each substructure, which can be computed independently. However, it is still time consuming when applied to analyze a building. This study presents two approaches to reduce the computation time of the component mode synthesis. The first approach is to reuse the calculation result. The second approach is to multiplex the algorithm. In this study, these two approaches are applied to compute a frame structure and are shown to be effective in reducing the computation time without decreasing the calculation accuracy.

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Sound absorption predictions of poroelastic media from micro-structures by using homogenization method

Takashi Yamamoto

Journal of Technology and Social Science, Vol.1, No.3, pp.109-114, 2017.

Abstract: Sound absorption coefficient in poroelastic media depends on material composed of    and geometry in the microscale. Sound energy is generally absorbed by viscous dissipation in the vicinity of the boundary between solid and fluid phase, thermal dissipation to solid phase, and structural damping of elastic material which solid phase is composed of. Multi-scale model for sound-absorbing poroelastic media  with  periodic  microscopic  geometry  has  been  recently proposed by one of the authors. In this method, and homogenization method based on the method   of asymptotic expansions.  Analysis in the microscopic scale is first performed by using unit cell    of the periodic structure and macroscopic properties are derived.  The properties are then applied    to calculate macroscopic response such as sound absorption coefficient. In this paper we apply the proposed method to artificial poroelastic material with periodic pore of rectangular shape made by 3D printing technique and compare calculated sound absorption coefficient for normal incidence with measured one.

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